Mono Thread
Mono is smooth lifting threads of polydioxanone, with hollow needle. Their main application is the rejuvenation and bio-stimulation of the patient’s facial or body skin. The products is appropriate for sculpting delicate features even in areas with thinner skin. As a result the skin becomes notably firmer looking, with improved complexion, and the Thread Mono thread stimulates the production of new blood cells and collages in the skin, and reduces lymph swelling. Further, the threads can be used for stimulation of acupuncture points.
Screw Thread
Screw Thread is shaped in a smooth mono thread form, twisted around the needle, made out of polydioxanone. The thread is specially shaped like a spiral giving it a number of unique properties: due to the wide diameter of the curvature, the thread gets additional volume, making it capable of stretching and shrinking vertically (relative to the point of injection), and the Screw Thread can be firmly fixed in the patients tissues.

Twin Thread
The Twin Thread consists of two intertwined smooth threads, made out of polydioxanone, put thought a hollow injection needle. Each thread is very thin, but combined they double the skin reinforcement effect.The threads are barbed allows the thread to hold better to the tissue during the procedure. Once put in place, the Twin Thread, not only has a firming, but also rejuvenating effect, stimulating the production of blood cells and collagen in the skin.
Cog Thread
Cog Thread has three distinct barbed lines of the thread, along the needle. Created for situations that require strong fixation, it is applicable in more difficult cases, when fixation with no breakdowns is required. The procedure with cog Thread – 3D (360°) results in very efficient lifting with an expanded range of applications. The strong thread can withstand up to 1kg of pulling force.